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Men Aren’t Always Wrong, Talk to a Domestic Violence Attorney

There was an event in my life that is a great example of how youthful indiscretion and inexperience can take things way too far.  An innocent disagreement escalated.  Before I could collect myself, I was facing police questioning and accused of domestic violence.

My girlfriend and I had an apartment together, just two twentysomethings working, going to school and splitting the rent.  One morning we got into a verbal argument that escalated into a physical altercation.  Blows were struck on both sides, and my girlfriend (now ex-girlfriend) took it a step further and used bear mace on me.

As I was attempting to defend myself from this powerful chemical weapon, my ex lost control of the canister and sprayed herself along with nearly every surface in the apartment.

The police arrived and arrested me for domestic violence

As I rushed outside to find air to breathe, my ex locked me out of my apartment.  It wasn’t long until the police arrived, and I was arrested for domestic violence against a family member.  The police believed every word my ex said.  I had little chance to describe my side of the story (consider police image).  I soon found myself in jail.

A close friend suggested I call attorney David Jones, saying that David got a felony case dismissed for him.

David secured a PR (personal recognizance) bond for me, which allowed me to leave jail only two days after my arrest.  Additionally, through skillful mediation, David persuaded my ex to cooperate with my defense.  And now that the bad experience is beginning to fade from my memory, I remember how David skillfully defended me before the court and returned my freedom.  I tell everyone to maintain your cool and don’t commit domestic violence. I also tell them if they need representation David offers a free, one-hour consultation.

David’s phone number is (713) 504-8188.

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