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Are You in Danger of Having Your Probation Revoked?

If you have been granted probation, having that probation revoked is a serious legal problem. Your sentence could be increased significantly. You could even be forced to serve your entire sentence incarcerated without probation. You need a probation defense lawyer to help you.

David Jones has more than 25 years of experience as a defense attorney. He has been active in probation violation defense. He is prepared to put you in the best possible position to keep your probation from being revoked.

Early in his career David was an Assistant District Attorney and argued to revoke probation before judges in Houston and Harris County Texas. He learned much during that time about how prosecutors work.  But for the last 25 years, he has acted as a defense attorney with a proven record defending clients against criminal charges.

Defending Your Rights and Mounting a Probation Defense

If you have been accused of violating your probation, you are entitled to a hearing that will determine the outcome. Common probation violations that could lead to revocation include:

  • Failing to report to the probation officer
  • Failing to fulfill community service requirements
  • Committing a crime
  • Failing a drug or alcohol test

As a former prosecutor, David knows what type of testimony is likely to sway judges in probation defense, and will work vigorously to help you remain on probation.

David's Work as a Citizen's Advocate on Texas Senate Bill 1584

Attorney David Jones recognized the unfairness of Texas' probation law and challenged the 2017 legislature to revise it.  In a summary of the legislation formerly known as Senate Bill 1584 by Garcia the law NOW requires a judge:
  • To determine a defendant’s conditions of community supervision based on the results of a risk assessment.
  • To consider the extent to which the conditions impact the defendant’s employment and other obligations.
  • To consider the results of an appropriate evaluation indicating type and level of treatment needed before ordering the defendant to participate in state-funded substance abuse.

This was a major change in Texas probation law because it required that the defendant's situation is considered as well as the risk of his probation to the community.

Let David work as your probation defense lawyer if you have probation problems.