Maria Gomez
Maria Gomez

I am Maria Gomez, and I am eager to share the excellent outcome I experienced in my case because of the expertise of David Jones.  I was charged with aggravated assault.

During the summer of 2017, I was arrested and charged with aggravated assault with a deadly weapon, a felony offense. I want to describe how the events leading up to my arrest transpired, so there is a full picture of how David approached my case.

Events Leading up to the Aggravated Assault Charges

There was a man who would ride through my apartment complex on his bicycle to sell drugs. He did not live there, and there were numerous police calls against him, as he would often harass residents and occasionally pull a gun. He was always able to ride away and disappear before the police arrived to investigate.

One day, I was walking back to my apartment and saw him brandishing his gun and threatening people. Unable to reach my apartment, I hid elsewhere in the complex and called 911. I explained to the dispatcher exactly what was happening, and emphasized that this was the man that terrorized my complex regularly.

After forty-five minutes, the police had not yet arrived and I was still cut off from my apartment. I was hesitant to leave my hiding spot, because this man had a habit of singling out solitary women for harassment, plus he was armed and already very agitated. But when I saw him move away from the area where my car was parked, I reasoned that was my opportunity to escape. I hastily entered my car and drove out of the complex onto a public street, just trying to get away.

It was at this moment the perpetrator materialized out of the complex on his bicycle and intercepted me on the street. He was straddled on his bicycle right in front of me, his gun drawn and pointed right at me.

I Intentionally Ran in to the Drug Dealer

I made the decision to slam on the gas pedal. I collided with him, crushing his bike and ejecting him a considerable distance. I used my car to defend myself against imminent danger and flee. I could see him in my rearview mirror rallying and chasing me on foot, gun still in hand.

After the collision, I had only made it around the corner and down another street when I saw a police car headed toward my apartment complex. I decided to turn around after them and flag them down; I really wanted this violent man apprehended, especially now.

By the time I caught up with the police, they were already talking to the perpetrator. As soon as I exited my car to approach the officers, the man identified me to the officers and accused me of running him over maliciously. The police asked me if I had hit him. I told them that I had, and explained everything that happened, mentioning that I was one of the people that called 911.

After a lengthy conversation with the man, the officers told me I was under arrest for aggravated assault with a deadly weapon. I know that our police force is understaffed and often overwhelmed, but I can only reason that my wrongful arrest resulted from a critical breakdown in police investigating procedure. I had only one prior arrest for a class C misdemeanor, many years before this incident. An ambulance arrived to treat the man’s wounds, and he was released. I was handcuffed and taken to jail.

I Knew I Needed a Defense Attorney

After a few days in the city jail, then in holding in a county jail, I was finally transferred to maximum security in the Harris County jail. It is extremely difficult to get a phone call to the outside in jail, and I hadn’t had the opportunity to fully explain to anyone what had happened. I never imagined I would find myself in maximum security, wrongfully accused, arrested and in dire need of a criminal defense attorney.

I recalled David Jones from his TV show Red, White and Blue on Houston Public Media. I was impressed with his activism and remembered he is an active defense attorney. My family contacted David, and he was ready to meet with me the very next day for my first court appearance.

No one fully knew what happened, not even my family, as it is very difficult to communicate while locked up in jail. The first time I was able to speak with David Jones was at our meeting on my court date. David entered with very few facts and no firsthand account of events and yet was prepared and eager to formulate the best possible defense for me.

Justice Served – Aggravated Assault Charge Dismissed

As I recounted events to David, he right away saw an opening for a dismissal. Without hesitation, David immediately approached the District Attorney on my behalf and sifted through the system to uncover my 911 call. My arresting officers had evidently failed to enter my 911 call into their report.

Upon presentation of this new evidence, the DA agreed to dismiss my case entirely. David Jones had entered the room with almost no information about my case, and within minutes, he achieved a full dismissal. I was released the next day.

Of course, I am relieved my felony case was dismissed entirely. Along with that, I remain thoroughly impressed by the professionalism and zeal with which David pursued my case.

As a steadfast and outspoken progressive activist, David possesses a genuine commitment to justice, and as his client, I witnessed that resonate in his handling of my case. Whether your need is great or small, you can rely on David Jones for criminal defense.

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