Grandy Jury Defense HoustonIf you have been charged with a state felony offense, your case will go before a grand jury to determine whether state prosecutors have enough evidence against you to process with a trial. Your attorney will not have the chance to defend your case in person before the grand jury. But you will have an opportunity to present written arguments and other evidence for a dismissal or what is called a “no bill”. The defense attorney you hire to present your case can make the difference between an indictment or having your charge(s) dismissed at the grand jury level.

David has an excellent record of obtaining dismissals for clients charged with state crimes in the grand jury proceedings. He prepares documentation and written arguments that may impact the grand jury’s decision. That evidence may include expert testimony such as polygraph test results and /or legal briefs on points of law. David understands how serious an indictment for your future. Avoiding an indictment will keep your record clear if you seek relief that can erase it.

In order to save money, many people faced with a grand jury proceeding do not bother to hire an attorney. This means the chances of an indictment are increased resulting in higher expenses inasmuch as you may need a trial to avoid conviction. This is more expensive than a grand jury fight. You need aggressive representation to help you fight for a dismissal, possibly avoiding the necessity and expense of the state proceedings in court that follow an indictment. Call David immediately upon being charged for consultation at no charge on the advantages and disadvantages on presenting your case to a grand jury.

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