Glenn Scott

Before I contacted David, I had completed the whole cycle related to methamphetamine use and possession.  My arrest, trial and sentencing had come and gone.  My court-appointed attorney was able to secure time served plus a couple years’ probation; an outcome I found quite favorable since I cannot raise my son from a prison cell.  I had no intention of committing a probation violation.

Despite my addiction, I am a good father

Despite my addiction to methamphetamine, I have always been a dutiful father, remaining steadily employed and active in my son’s life.  I know I’m not perfect, but I want my son to have the stable adult influences that I missed out on as a kid.

I’m not about to drop a sob-story, but I grew up around rough characters and hardcore drugs.  No doubt my upbringing has skewed my perspective on certain things—particularly drugs—and that is where I slipped up with my probation.

My terms of probation said no drugs, including marijuana

Compared to other drugs out there, marijuana is pretty vanilla.  There are a lot of drugs—including meth—that cause normal people to become crazy and destructive.  By contrast, the only thing a pothead will destroy is a bag of Doritos while lazily sitting on the couch.

I didn’t think it would be a big deal; I didn’t think it would be detectable in my body, but, I did—I smoked marijuana while I was on probation, and I got caught.  A dirty urine sample.

I just wanted to unwind a bit after a hard day at work,  But really there is no excuse for violating my conditions of probation.  I worried about my son more than anyone.  A violation of this nature would certainly get me thrown into prison, leaving my son without a father.  A person suffering from a disease can still be a good parent.  It just happens that addiction is a disease that is criminalized, I would tell my son.

And then I heard of David Jones

A friend of a friend of a friend suggested I reach out to attorney David Jones.  David  Jones is unrivaled in the area of probation management and probation violation defense.  David’s even pioneered a new law related to easing conditions of probation.  While this new law would not apply to me specifically, all of David Jones’s successful experience with probation defense convinced me he could help with my case.

I was very impressed with the hard work and thoughtfulness David poured into my case.  Through his skillful communication with the Fort Bend County justice system, David secured for me deferred adjudication instead of a return to jail.  We only had to go to court once, and while David made it look easy, I could tell his success was a result of his years and years of experience arguing cases similar to mine.

You may be having an issue with your probation, whether it be a probation violation, conditions that are too difficult to meet, whatever.  David knows every angle and strategy that can keep you in the free world and out of lockup.  Give him a call, he offers a free one-hour consultation to get you started.

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