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Service on probation can be a nightmare in Harris County. You need a lawyer that can help you out of that nightmare:

  • Cause early termination of probation
  • Stop or reduce excessive fees
  • Alert the judge to change from an oppressive probation officer to a more reasonable one
  • Eliminate unnecessary or illegal conditions of probation that prolong your service on probation and cost you income by interfering with your job or because of the excessive fees you are paying

David Jones can help with any of the above by modifying or deleting conditions of probation.  He will go straight to the judge and bypass your probation officer.  You do not have to attend the hearing where these matters are decided with the judge.

Of course, the best of all of my efforts would be getting you off probation entirely. If you have been on probation that is called Standard Probation, you are eligible to be terminated after one-third of the probation time or two years, whichever is less. Most people are on what is called Deferred Adjudication and that is a probation that can be terminated at any time with a properly filed motion by your lawyer.

Do not let probation officers ruin your life or cost you your job or your relationships with your family.

I have special experience in this area and can help you out of any probation difficulties you face.  Read More

David has been active in changing Probation Laws.  Read about his work on Senate Bill 1854

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