David Jones has been practicing criminal law for 30 year in Houston Texas and in the Harris County Criminal Courts and is of counsel to John Bartos, who has handled civil cases in the Houston area for 25 years. Many of the Harris County Criminal justice decision makers are people with whom he has had long-standing relationships. Many have been guests on his television program, Red, White and Blue.

He has successfully represented clients with felonies in a jurisdiction that is known to be one of the most punitive in the United States. That is why every felony case deserves a vigorous investigation of the facts and the applicable law. If probation is the outcome, David knows how to seek the least restrictive conditions. He is capable, in many cases, of preventing probationers from being sentenced to prison for technical violations. Most importantly, David’s skills and experience can also protect your constitutional rights in the event of illegal searches and seizures or other constitutional violations.

In Harris County, African American citizens are targeted by racial profiling in a number of local police departments. With appropriate investigative efforts, targeting can be proven and remedies adapted to enforce your violated rights. David can file a Motion to Suppress any evidence gained after a stop or arrest based on racial profiling.


When stopped for a traffic offense, you have the right to refuse to answer questions. You must produce a driver’s license and insurance information, but you can refuse to give permission to search your car if you were stopped for a traffic offense. Learn more about these two basic rights you have.

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The most important action to secure a favorable outcome in a criminal case is clearing your record. Should your case have been dismissed or if you served and completed Deferred Adjudication probation, David can petition a judge to either have your record expunged or sealed.

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If you are accused of a felony, the first step of the process is going through a grand jury of 12 randomly selected citizens of Harris County. They must decide to either indict you or effectively dismiss your felony case. David has experience and success in petitioning felony cases to a grand jury.

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