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Criminal Defense Attorney Specializing in Probation Defense

  • Since 1982, David has practiced full-time as a criminal defense attorney
  • Assistant Attorney General of Texas, 1978-1981
  • As Assistant Attorney General in the Civil Rights Division, David represented the Texas Department of Criminal Justice. He later represented the Texas Department of Corrections.
  • Co-counsel at the trial level for Lawrence vs Texas, establishing full equality for gay Texans
  • Appointee to the Battleship Texas Advisory Board
  • He served on the Executive Board of the Houston Branch of the NAACP
  • Nominee of the Democratic Party of Harris County for District Attorney in 1984
  • Partner in a private law practice in Houston with former Mayor Fred Hofheinz from 1990-1996

David has managed the affairs of clients before state, local and federal Agencies as well as governing bodies. He represented many businesses with contract concerns before city government. His current practice focuses primarily as a criminal defense attorney.

David is an Exceptional Lawyer and Active in Community Affairs and Public Policy

He has represented companies facing legislation and regulation. David has contributed articles on political affairs and public policy to the editorial pages of the Houston Chronicle, the Dallas Morning News, and other Texas newspapers. From 1985-1987 he authored a monthly column on politics entitled “The Cutting Edge. The column was a mainstay of Houston Community Newspapers and the 1960 Sun. From September 1989 until 1994, David hosted and co-produced Pressing Issues, a live one-hour public affairs television program with viewer participation broadcast weekly on Access Houston television. He has been a frequent guest commentator on political matters for two Houston radio programs. Additionally, David co-hosted a Houston radio program covering political issues and ideologies called Hunter & Jones, which broadcast live daily from 1-3 p.m. in 1997 and 1998 on 97.1 FM.

Beginning in 2001, David has co-hosted a live weekly-hour long broadcast “The Real Deal” on Houston Media Source. The show has caller participation and uses local political talent, officeholders, and activists to encourage public education on politics.

From 2003 to 2019, David has co-hosted a weekly public affairs program, “Red, White and Blue” broadcast on Houston PBS.


  • Mike Austin

    Miss your participation on Red, White and Blue. When will you return?

    • David Jones

      Thank you, still no word from PBS.

  • Linda Driskill

    We miss David Jones on “Red, White, and Blue.” Is he well? If not, we send our best wishes.

    • David Jones

      I am well though I had a setback in the first week of January that caused me to be under evaluation first through hospitalization and then a doctor for six to eight weeks at which time the PBS people obviously could not use me on the program and began experimenting with alternatives.
      I have not heard whether or not they will bring me back. And that decision will be made in August. I am happy either way as I am no longer friends with my co-host.

    • David Jones

      Thank you, I’m not sure if I will be back.

  • Randy Pace

    You are missed!! Program is totally tilted conservatine now..

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