Avoid COVID-19, Get Released from Jail

You drove to your mom's house to pick up the kids after school.  But when a policeman stopped you for a faulty taillight he found that other minor offense you have been planning on handling.  And the two were enough to keep you in jail.

In Jail with COVID-19

Things were happening so fast that you weren't even thinking about COVID-19 but jails are overcrowded and the COVID-19 virus is prevalent. National Public Radio (NPR) reports that more than 230 people in Texas prisons have died from COVID-19 including prison staff.  Of the inmates who died, nine had been approved for parole and were waiting to be released.  21 inmates had served 90 percent or more of their time and 58 percent were eligible for parole.  NPR noted that COVID was taking a devastating toll on the Texas prison system.

In county jails, 80% of the people who died hadn't even been convicted of a crime.  In one prison almost 6% of the entire population has died.

You are young and healthy and aren't likely to catch COVID.  But if you did you could wind up dead and your body stored in one of those mobile morgues you've seen on TV.

Isn't it time to talk to Attorney David Jones, a skilled lawyer who could get you released from jail?  Paying his fee would be a lot better than winding up with COVID-19 and dead.  Call David Jones at (713) 504-8188




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Do You Have a Criminal Record That You Would Like to Have Removed?

The Texas legislature recently made changes to the laws regarding nondisclosures and expunctions of your record.

Misdemeanor Cases

For misdemeanor cases, the Court shall issue an order of non-disclosure at the time the court discharges and enters the dismissal. This applies when the court determines that there is no reason for the defendant to not receive an automatic order of nondisclosure.  The person simply presents evidence necessary to establish their eligibility and pay $28.

This is common where a person was charged with a class C misdemeanor and received deferred adjudication.  After you complete the probation your case will be dismissed and you can file an expunction for the case.


Other Criminal Law Cases

There are two situations in which you can get an expunction in Texas regardless whether your charge was a misdemeanor or a felony.  If you were charged and found not guilty you can have your record expunged.  You still have to file for it, and do the paperwork.  You can also file for expunction if your case was dismissed.  This occurs when the prosecutor has insufficient evidence to pursue your case.

There are other, more complex situations but you need to talk these over with an attorney.  David Jones offers a free hour of consultation to discuss these with you.

David Jones has been practicing criminal law for over 25Attorney David Jones housotn years in Houston Texas and in the Harris County Criminal Courts.

He is counsel to John Bartos, who has handled civil cases in the Houston area for 25 years. Many of the Harris County Criminal Law decision makers are people with whom David has had long-standing relationships. Many have been guests on his television program, Red, White and Blue.

He has successfully represented clients with felonies in a jurisdiction that is known to be one of the most punitive in the United States. That is why David believes that every felony case deserves a vigorous investigation of the facts and the applicable law.

If probation is the outcome, David knows how to seek the least restrictive conditions. He is capable, in many cases, of preventing probationers from being sentenced to prison for technical violations. Most importantly, David’s skills and experience can also protect clients' constitutional rights in the event of illegal searches and seizures or other constitutional violations.

In Harris County, African American citizens are targeted by racial profiling in a number of local police departments. With appropriate investigative efforts, targeting can be proven and remedies adapted to enforce your violated rights. David can file a Motion to Suppress any evidence gained after a stop or arrest based on racial profiling.

There are key aspects of David’s criminal law services that set him apart from many lawyers and can be beneficial to your case

Every Citizen’s Right

The most important right every citizen has is that of being free from illegal searches and seizures. Most lawyers do not stay informed on cases that can protect those rights.

For example, in a recent United States Supreme Court case police detained a driver longer than 10 minutes for a simple traffic stop.  The police decided to search the car without permission.  The court decided that the driver's constitutional rights had been violated. In this case, the charges of drug possession were overturned.


Right To A Grand Jury

Every lawyer should inform their client that they have the right to present their case to a grand jury, yet they seldom mention or employ this strategy. A properly presented case with an experienced lawyer could end up in what is called a no-bill and result in a dismissal of the felony accusation. David is experienced in challenging grand juries in an effort to deny the indictment that the District Attorney seeks against you.

Special Case Requirements

Most lawyers will not tell a client that co-counsel can be engaged on a case that requires a specialty on a particular legal issue. If Attorney David Jones decides that in your case, he will disclose it to you in a written contract. Certain civil cases may also be referred to another lawyer or firm with expertise in the special requirements of your case.

Grand Jury Indictment

If you have been indicted by a grand jury then you are facing a jury trial on guilt or innocence that can be very risky and expensive. There are alternative strategies to successfully avoid a jury trial that David has developed over his 30 year career. There are ways to beat this punitive system of justice in Harris County so that you can survive.